Molecular and Cellular Biology

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Division of the Department of Oncology is composed of a group of outstanding, highly productive faculty members with interests spanning cancers of the breast, prostate, head and neck, skin, and female reproductive tract. In addition, areas of specialization include oncogenes, growth factors, gene therapy, signal transduction, serine proteases, and papilloma viruses.

Division Director
  • Priscilla Furth, MD, Professor.
Division Members
  • Christopher Albanese, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Insoo Bae, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Stephen Byers, PhD, Professor
  • Esther H. Chang, PhD, Professor
  • Tushar Deb, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Albert J. Fornace, Jr, MD, Professor
  • Robert I. Glazer, PhD, Professor
  • Michael Johnson, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Susette Mueller, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Annabell Oh, PhD, Research Instructor
  • John Ojeifo, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Kathleen F. Pirollo, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Antonina Rait, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Anna T. Riegel, PhD, Professor
  • Riddish Shah, PhD, Research Instructor