Genetics and Epidemiology

The mission of the Genetics and Epidemiology Division is to understand host response and carcinogenesis (risk, early lesions, progression, and prognosis) on a genetic and environmental basis. Almost every project involves the development, validation and/or application of biomarkers, and a major focus is on gene-environment interactions.

Division Director
  • Christopher Loffredo, PhD, Associate Professor.
Division Members
  • Jan Blancato, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Celia Byrne, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Luciane Cavalli, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Fung-Lung Chung, PhD, Professor
  • Matthew Freedman, MD, MBA, Associate Professor
  • Jeanine Genkinger, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Radoslav Goldman, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Bassem Haddad, MD, Associate Professor
  • Carolyn Hurley, PhD, Professor
  • Ana Lazaro, Research Instructor
  • Catalin Marian, MD, Research Instructor
  • Raghu Nath, Research Associate
  • Phillip Posch, PhD, Instructor
  • Habtom Ressom, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Jerry Rice, PhD, Distinguished Professor
  • Rabindra Roy, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Peter Shields, MD, Professor
  • Offie Soldin, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor
  • Xiantao Wang, PhD, Instructor
  • Yun-Ling Zheng, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor