Biochemistry and Pharmacology Division

Dr. Anton Wellstein is the Director of the Biochemistry and Pharmacology Division of the Department of Oncology.

Division Director
  • Anton Wellstein, MD, PhD, Professor.
Division Members
  • Maria Laura Avantagiatti, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Milton Brown, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Sivanesan Dakshanamurthy, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Kevin FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, Associate Professor
  • J. Milburn Jessup, MD, Professor
  • Jung-Sik Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Yali Kong, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Mikell Paige, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Simeng Suy, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Elena Tassi, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • York Tomita, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Jeffrey Toretsky, MD, Associate Professor
  • Aykut Uren, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Todd Waldman, MD, PhD, Associate Professor