About Us


Chair: Dr. Louis M. Weiner

The Department of Oncology is one of the largest and most diverse departments in terms of faculty membership. A core component of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Department is home to researchers who study cancer from many disciplines.

Basic Sciences Divisions

Biochemistry and Pharmacology Division

  • Director: Dr. Anton Wellstein

Molecular and Cellular Biology Division 

  • Director: Dr. Priscilla Furth

Molecular Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Obesity Division 

  • Directors: Drs. Robert Clarke and Leena Hilikivi-Clarke
Population Sciences Divisions

Genetics and Epidemiology Division 

  • Director: Dr. Chistopher Loffredo

Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors Division 

  • Director: Dr. Marc Schwartz
Collaborative Clinical Sciences Divisions

Clinical Sciences Division 

  • Director: Dr. John Marshall

Neuro-oncology and Childhood Cancers Division 

  • Directors: Drs. Frazer Henderson and Aziza Shad

In 1999, the Department of Oncology was established by the Georgetown University Medical Center. Dr. Louis Weiner chairs the department and directs Lombardi. The unification of the Lombardi director and Department of Oncology chair optimizes Dr. Weiner's ability to recruit faculty, establish and develop joint educational objectives, and foster interdisciplinary interactions.

The Department of Oncology is research-oriented and does not have direct clinical activity. However, at present, the Department of Oncology maintains two collaborative clinical sciences divisions with membership from several Georgetown University/Georgetown University Hospital clinical departments. Department of Oncology faculty are Lombardi members; however, Lombardi membership extends into many other basic science and clinical GUMC departments.

The Department of Oncology is divided into several divisions, listed above, that group investigators along lines of expertise and interest.